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Nitty & Gritty / How to Resize and Print a Letter PDF Document to A5

Resizing a PDF document can be necessary when you need to fit it onto a smaller page size or when you want to reduce the file size for sharing or printing purposes. But simply changing the size can cause the contents to distort and become unreadable. In this blog post, we will guide you through the process of resizing a letter-sized PDF document to A5 while maintaining the clarity of the contents.

* When printing a TN, type in the percent. Then, select landscape. This will give you the needed white space needed to fold the insert to fit inside your TN.

** For the A4, if you are printing on letter size paper (which most people are), then just print a standard letter size sheet. The insert will be slightly smaller than an A4 planner. If you have an A4 sheet/printer capable of printing on A4, select A4.

How to Resize and Print a Letter PDF Document to A5

1: Open the Letter-Sized PDF

Open the letter-sized PDF document in Adobe Acrobat DC or a similar PDF editing software.

2: Select the Page Properties

Go to the “Page” tab in the toolbar and select “Page Properties”. This will open the “Page Properties” dialog box.

3: Change the Page Scale

In the “Page Properties” dialog box, look for the “Page Scale” section. Enter the percentage of the original size you want the page to be. To resize a letter-sized page to A5, enter 70%. This will reduce the page size from its original size to 70% of that size, which should be close to A5 size.

4: Save the Resized PDF

Click “OK” to close the “Page Properties” dialog box and save the resized PDF as a copy to avoid overwriting the original file.

5: Check the Clarity of the Contents

Open the resized PDF and make sure the contents have not been distorted. If necessary, adjust the percentage until the contents are clear and readable.

 6: Repeat for Multiple Pages

If your PDF document has multiple pages, repeat the process for each page to ensure all pages are resized to A5 with clarity.

In conclusion, resizing a PDF document to a different page size doesn’t have to mean sacrificing the clarity of the contents. By following these steps in Adobe Acrobat DC or a similar PDF editing software, you can resize a letter-sized PDF document to A5 with ease and confidence, ensuring that your documents look their best, even when resized.

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