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Nitty & Gritty / DIY  / How to Make Your Own Bullet Journal

How to Make Your Own Bullet Journal

A Bullet journal is a personalized and flexible planner & journal system where you have the convenience of editing it in a way to suit life and personality. You can be as creative or minimal with your setups as you like.

The beauty of this system is that you get to organize important events, appointments and schedules, monitor certain habits and activities to increase productivity in a way that is most functional to you. (Courtesy to Meredith to the Earth).

What You’ll Need:

  • 8.5×11 Cardstock Paper OR Watercolor Paper
  • 14 sheets of 24 lb Printer Paper 
  • Ink Jet Printer (I use a Canon Pixon)
  • Metal Ruler
  • Exacto Knife
  • Heavy Duty Thread w/ Needle and Pins


1. Cut your cover cardstock paper into a 7.5×9.5 sheet and fold it in half to make a 7.5×4.75 cover.

  • Download the grid pattern zip file and unzip.
  • Choose the pdf for the grid pattern you want to use and print your grid onto the front and back of the 14 sheets of 24lb paper.
  • Fold this paper in half width-wise and place into the fold of the cardstock cover.
  • Click here for premade journal covers.


2. Align the grid pattern with the cover and carefully push 5 pins through the paper and cardstock booklet from the inside fold.



3. Thread your needle with ~3ft of thread. Match up ends of thread, do not tie off. Remove the first pin from the book while holding the paper together.

Push the threaded needle through the pinhole from the outside, pulling the thread through until 1 inch of thread remains on the outside of the book.




4. Glue the remaining 1 inch of thread down along the spine using a very tacky gluestick.


5. When the glue has dried, continue sewing up and down back down the spine while holding the glued thread ends in place.


6. Bring your needle back through the original hole and pull until taught.


7. Trim the excess thread from the inside of the booklet.


8. Use your metal ruler and utility knife to trim the inner pages down to match the cover size on all three sides.


9. Use a corner rounder to round the edges of your notebook, be careful not to exceed the number of pages your corner rounder is designed to cut at one time.


10. Take a piece of fine grit sandpaper and smooth out the edges and corners. That’s it! You can flatten your notebook by placing it under a pile of heavy books or creating a makeshift bookpress with two wooden cutting boards and a few clamps.

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