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We appreciate your interest in becoming a part of the nitty & gritty affiliate team. By joining us, you will receive a monthly 10% off discount code via subscription. Discount code can be use either on web shop or etsy store.

To be considered as an affiliate, you will need to

  • Share nitty & gritty products on your Instagram post, YouTube video, Ticktock, or Reels once a month.
  • Promote nitty & gritty new products, promotions, restocks, sales and discounts.
  • Have a minimum of 500 followers.


It’s essential to keep in mind that payments will be made monthly for subscription of $5. If your commission does not meet the $5 minimum at the time of payment, it will be carried over to the next month. Accounts that are inactive or haven’t used our products for over a month will be terminated. For more information, please review our full Affiliate Terms and Privacy Policy.

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